OC Tony Osborne Fund

Cycling Canada Campaign - In support of Ontario Cycling's Tony Osborne Fund

Cycling Canada is proud to support all its Member's and their programs, including the Tony Osborne Fund.

Ontario Cycling recognizes that the landscape of youth cycling has changed in recent years and that the challenges facing clubs and event organizers who are focused on providing youth development continues to grow. The Tony Osborne Youth Development Fund was created to provide support to those groups who provide these opportunities for youth (18 years and younger) across all cycling disciplines. Youth Clubs and events which offer youth categories, may apply for a subsidy to be utilized for operational costs associated with running these programs and events, including subsidization of participation fees.

In previous years, OC has organized camps, across all cycling disciplines, using a variety of coaches and technical experts. But we recognize that clubs may have specific areas of interest that they would like to further develop such as focusing on a specific technical skill [e.g., MTB drops] or introducing a new cycling sport into the clubs [e.g., cyclo-cross]. The intention of the grant is to utilize the expertise that is available within the province, increase opportunities for knowledge sharing, and help clubs enhance their training delivery.